How Many Drink Tickets Should I Give To My Guests?!

Question: How Many Drink Tickets Should I Give To My Guests?
I am getting married in September, and of course, we are having alcohol at our reception. We are serving beer, and wine. The reception will be 5 hours long. I want everyone to have a good time, and enjoy them selves, but I also want people to have an equal amount of alcohol. (Some people drink faster then others, and the ones that drink slow, may get 1 beer, while others get 5). I want everyone to be able to drink if they want, and it to be fair to all. My dilemma is- how many tickets do we give to people? 5 (one drink for every hour)? 3? Also, how do you think I should pass them out to people? Have someone give them out as people come in the door, and as they sign the guest book etc. Or should I send them with the invitations, and ask that if they wish to drink, bring their tickets with them. Is that too tacky?? Thanks all in advance..


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Just bite the bullet - skip the tickets and have an open bar. It will probably average out the same anyhow. Order cheaper beer and wine to make up for the possibility that people will drink more.

And not to get too personal, but what's up with a 5 hour reception? Maybe you should rethink that part if your budget is tight?

People will drinkk the same amount weather they have tickets or not.

I really thinkdrink tickets is tacky. If you are buying the booze alreayd it doesn;t matter. Make sure you have enough beer, and then choose a wone or two and a hard alcholo or two. If people want something else then tell them it it bring your own.

Put it in a note in the invite. "We will have, ________, __________-, and ___________." If you like to drink somehitng else then feel free to bring your own drinks.

Just do what you think is fair....chances are people who don't drink will probably hand them out to others that do, and that's their choice. I'd hand them out at the reception as people being human, they'll forget to bring their tickets ;).

This idea is new to me...I've only ever heard of cash bar or open bar, but the idea that you're willing to treat the guests to at least a few cocktails is generous I think.

You are setting up the problem, of an equal amount of alcohol for each. This just is not possible. Some do not drink alcohol.

Usually for receptions like that the people receive one ticket per person when arriving at the reception and then after that it is a pay your own bar tab.

Give out 3, then put some money behind the bar so if they want any more then they can get it.

dunno dont care

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