what fruit is better, a strawberry or a lime?!

Question: What fruit is better, a strawberry or a lime?
me and my friend are right now, in a very heated debate about what fruit is the overall better fruit. i say its a lime. she says that a strawberry is the best. we have decided to let the people decide. what do you think guys?


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In Appearance Strawberry Seems More Attractive Than Lime Although Everyone Has Different Opinions (:
Although In General, Their Equal. Fruits Are Fruits, Nothing More And Nothing Less.
And Everyone's Favorite Fruits Varies Anyway (:

Better for what? To look at? multiple uses? taste? better for you?
If you want to know which I prefer to eat it would be a strawberry. Limes are best used in drinks, salsa's, seafood sauce, and good to wash your hands with. The citrus cuts the grease and cleanses the skin.

Strawberries of course. You can eat them by themselves, but no one really does that with limes. They taste in good in chocolate, limes don't. They're healthier. They are versatile and can be incorporated into desserts of many kinds. They aren't sour.

Limes and strawberries are both great . Limes are great for garnish on drinks . Strawberries are great for garnish to but for deserts or even milkshakes. I can see why you are having a debate but in my opionion it has to be...................................STR…

My opionion

Strawberry! :) However,I am a definite weirdo and if i had to have a drink,it would be lime! I go to the store and buy those lemon and/or lime thing's to put on food,and i drink them!! Lol!

dude it depends on your taste...I like strawberries but don't like limes at all but that's me...everyone is different. :)

personal experience

Between a strawberry and a lime it has to be the strawberry.

personal opinion

Strawberries and Limes are both great :D

strawberry but i do like lime drinks more

id have to say strawberrys

strawberry you cant just eat a plain lime


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