Needs GOOD slumber party ideas?!

Question: Needs GOOD slumber party ideas?
I'm having my slumber party in a nice cabin in a state park and was wanting to know some cool cooking ideas food wise some games we could play and just girl stuff we could do. We're all 13-14 years old. Last year we made our own pizzas made brownies and played a few games and did spa type of stuff. But I need some GOOD ideas not just the regular do smores type of stuff. Things that would be fun!

And I don't need any decorating or invitation or good bag stuff. So no website links please just ideas


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Cooking Competition Ideas:
`I Reckon, Ripped Up Bits Of Paper Writing Cooking Themes And Fold It Three Times, Place Those Bits Of Paper Into A Hat/Bucket Or Anything, And Every Individual Draws Out A Paper From The Bucket/Hat To Indicate What They Have To Cook.
Themes Could Be: Vegetarians, Desert, Pasta, Junk Food, Sweet, Etc...

Have Manicures And Pedicures; Truth Or Dare; Have Game Boards, Etc..

Good Luck.

Have a dance off..make donuts..if you have an easy bake oven use that and make treats..tell each other your darkest secrets(if yall don't know each other that well)put make up on each other.depending on how many people you are going to have have contest:like who can eat what faster,who can do hair better then the other,turn the light off and see if you can find objects that someone else calls out for you to find.umm that's all I have.hope I helped.

cookie decorating or cupcake decorating ummm maybe just baking a cake? really anything! haha and games apples to apples is sooo much fun truth or dare or pillow fights and scavenger hunts! dance party too!

Make your own tacos. Anyone have a karaoke machine? Rent some good movies. Make popcorn. Make sandwiches and soup if it's cold outside. Good music, dance, sing......laugh a lot........just have fun...

fashion show....... thats always fun and cook cookies and brownies and cupcakes and all that good stuff and tur up the stereo really loud and sing really loud to your favorite tunes....


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