food for a sweet 16 party?!

Question: Food for a sweet 16 party?
Hello everyone my daughter is turning 16 in a couple of months,and we are having a party for her.We have contacted several places for for catering,and a couple of hotels.We are not going to touch them without paying at least 23 dollars a head.Since we are having around 80 to 90 people.I was wondering if anyone has any idea on what kind of food we should have,and since money is a little tight what is the cheapest way we can do it.The party is going to be from 5 to 9 in the evening,there will be a Deejay,and there will be adults there also.Any ideas would help me out so much.I was even thinking about do a sweet 16 meaning a cake,a candy bar things like that.


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One idea is find a local caterer who is willing to cook for cheaper. I do catering and $23 a head seems really high I guess depending on what type of food you want. You can do something like a pot luck where you find a few people to do a lot of one type of food. So say you want an Italian theme, have 1 person do salad for 90, 1 person do bread for 90, then a few people share the pasta dishes, you can have a few different types of pasta. Mexican food is really good and on the cheaper side as well. One thing we have done is an ice cream you get vanilla ice cream then toppings people like and they can make their own sundaes.

Just make sure the venue allows outside catering, otherwise cook it for yourself. If you let me know what type of food want I can give you some tips on how to have others do it really easy and for a good price.

I own a catering company.

You are planning to do the food yourself now? For 90 people? How about the local grocery for catering, sub sandwiches, fancy up some pizzas if money is really tight. Have some appetizers like chips and dip and salsa and guacamole, crackers and dips like spinach & artichoke and crab dip. Nuts and fruits and pretzels. Mini chocolates like you get at Halloween. Crescent rolls with hot dogs and cream cheese in the middle.

ERRonee loves chineese food..

Me, Myself and I :)

5 to 9 is 4 hours right in the middle of dinner - you'll have to feed people and keep them fed. Why not have a later, shorter party. Start at 8, go until 11. It will feel more adult for the 16 year olds and when a party starts that late, no one would be expecting dinner. Especially if you go with the Sweet 16 idea and explain it, or at least hint at it, on the invitation. Have a cake and make-your-own sundaes, or a chocolate fondue/chocolate fountain. Or a huge array of cookies. Or a rainbow spread of colors of candy (check out any of the large candy websites - they search by color and it's a really fun idea - if not a rainbow, you can do your daughters favorite colors or some thematic colors… for example).

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