What should I name my Cafe?!

Question: What should I name my Cafe?
I was thinking of Cafe Kitty (Because I like Cats) but I'm not sure on what to name it, got any suggustions

my name is patrick is you want to use that (but I like Pat)


kitty pat hahaha instead of kitty kat. i think its different.

I assume by your online name that you're from the littlest state, (no insult intended). Just call it the Little State Cafe,
or maybe Kitty's Cafe (they will want to meet kitty)
The Cat's (place,meow,home,house,hovel,paw)
or maybe cafe "M" or cafe "K", keep them guessing.

As long as you have a good product at a good location, you will sell.

Patrica or Packara Restaurant

Combine the two: Catricks.

Name it after me!

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