I'm having a party and I'm not sure if its a good idea?!

Question: I'm having a party and I'm not sure if its a good idea?
okay so, i want a decent sized party(im inviting 42 people) but it has to cost almost nothing cause money is tight. so what i was planning to do was have everyone meet up in a food court and then go see a movie. but i dont know if thats a weird idea... is it? and if yes any suggestions?


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I Suggest A Picnic Party; (:

`Purchase Small Incense Candles Around Your Picnic Party, It'll Be Soothing (: [Incense Candles Are Cheap]
`Depending On The Price Of A Buffet Table, You Could Purchase That Or Make A Home Cooked Meal; Include Some Of These Meal For Your Party Perhaps: Fairy Bread, Cupcakes, Cookies, Salad, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Etc...
Drink: Soft Drink, Water, Cordial, Fruit Punch, Smoothie, Etc...

Have Your Birthday Cake (:
`Bring A Stereo If You Own One, Or Borrow A Friends Stereo, With Music Everyone Could Dance To.
`Have Balloons Around Your Area (:

Although It Seems Much, It Doesn't In Comparison To Those Who Have DJ, Dance Floors, Bands, Etc...

Or Have A Beach Party;

The Boys Have The Ability To Swim, Play Volleyball, Soccer And Football Maybe. The Girls Would Have The Ability To Communicate For Hours, Swim, Even Attempt To Get A Tan.

And You Should Purchase Water Balloons, And Have Girls Vs Boys Or Something (:
And Have A Stereo Either Yours Or Borrow, And Blast The Music (:

You Could Also Have Home Made Food, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Sushi, Or Seafood On Sale.
Drink: Something Blue, Blue Cordial, Blue Smoothie, Blue Fanta, Etc...It'll Blend In With The Beach Party.
Dessert: Cupcakes With Icing, Birthday Cake, Chocolate.

Good Luck

like a food court at a mall? if so, then i dont think that its a good idea, because everyone else there will get pissed that your $42 person party is taking over the food court. also, mivie tickets cost like $10 each... thats a ton of cash just for the tickets. why dont you get a boombox or sterio (you can borrow one from a friend if you dont have one), go in your garage, purchase a couple of blacklights that fit into normal light fixtured (theyre like $3 each) and you need like 5 max. and blast music. - order pizza, or get everyone to bring a potluck. if you supply hor'dourves (however you spell it hahaha) and drinks, and everyone brings some sort of food, you are spending next to no money!

- sterio (yours that you already have or borrowed): $0
- blacklights: $15 MAXIMUM
- drinks and snacks: $30 maybe,

TOTAL: $45- so cheap compared to other party ideas! (oh and tell people to wear white so the blacklight looks cool! and maybe go to a craft store and spend $20 n glowsticks and stuff)

That is a great idea Deb!

You could also have a potluck (everyone brings in something) meatballs ect.. and you can play games, have a little dance or something around that regard!

Hope you have a great time at your party, and don't worry.. everyone's money is tight :D

At my party everyone brought sandwich accommodations, like one person brought bread, one mayo, and so on. Then we played games, like Taboo. Meeting at a food place then going to a movie is more like a group activity, not a party.

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