what are the party games for adults?!

Question: What are the party games for adults?
elderly couples and preists are guests


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Gotta have Jenga in your collection! It is fast-pace and very fun to play with any crowd.

Here's a game you might like to try. It is great for parties, groups, and even one-on-one.

Senior Sez is a trivia game designed just for SENIORS.
In fact, senior citizens helped create it.

Senior Sez is easy to play, fun, and non-intimidating. A variety
Of topics are covered in each game. The questions are brief, and scoring is simple too. Correct answers are rewarded with colorful wrist bands that are tallied at the end of each game.

Here's a little more about what makes this game unique:

- There are just TWO possible answers to each question
- Play virtually ANYWHERE -- no pens, paper, or table required
- Participants may play "solo" or on a team -- in a group or one-on-one
- The VARIETY of questions promotes fairness and helps maintain players' interest
- Appropriate for MANY LEVELS of functioning

The game has a website, where you can learn more about it:


Musical chairs, Lucky corners, Passing the buck, Dancing to the tune of music Playing IN & OUT>

whenever ther is party. floor doesnt wait for any one no game can be define as a kid game or a adult game unless and until we make that game entertain and mind bowling

Drinking games

Card games are the best in a party. Bridge, Rummy, Blackjack are fun or play Tambola


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