Winston Marlboro or L&M and why?!

Question: Winston Marlboro or L&M and why?

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If you have to ask, DON"T START. All will KILL YOU, and anyone around you too.Visit a cancer ward at your local hospital if you need to see the outcome for yourself. Buy Wrigley's instead if you need something to put in your mouth.This is kindness speaking ,hope you are listening.Good luck.

Sorry, strictly RYO here (usually American Spirit or Shag from a real bulk tobacconist). Cheaper and more control over the flavor - I even make my own cloves and ginger cigs!

But if I *had* to choose I'd say Winston. Little stronger and tend to have a richer flavor.

Winston has a very good feeling but taste is not great. If you will choose Winston, buy red do not buy light. Marlboro light is a but strong and i don't smoke them anymore.

Neither.Quit smoking it can kill you and if not is bad for your overall health

Former Smoker

quitting sounds best

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