Toga party during the winter-What can I do to not freeze?!

Question: Toga party during the winter-What can I do to not freeze?
There's a toga party on friday, and I really want to go because I've never been to one, but it's about -20 degrees Celsius with snow and ice on the ground, and around a 15 minute walk to the party. There will be coat check, but my legs and feet are going to freeze! Suggestions?


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do you have a pair of uggs or fur lined boots that you could wear just to get there? then you could slip them off in favour of party shoes and check them in with your coat.

Feet, hands and head get coldest quickly so if you arent wearing an elaborate hair do i'd wear a hat (and take a hairbrush for 'hat hair') and gloves too.if you have to pay for the cloakroom you cuold take a big bag and stuff everything in so you only pay one item

If you freeze on the way there its not going to put you in a happy mood!! also you really don't want to get sick

Take your toga in an overnight bag and change into it once you get to the party. Put your clothes in the overnight bag and tuck it away during the party. Change back into your clothes at the end of the night.

Well there's nothing much you can do.. Either not go, or jus go and bear it and be brave lol.

Wear boots and leggins and then change when you get there

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