Planning a party for someone turning fifty, suggestions on music to play?!

Question: Planning a party for someone turning fifty, suggestions on music to play?
Hello all. I'm planning a party for someone turning fifty. There will be about seventy five people there, most of them between the ages of 45 - 55, about fifteen 20 - 30 year old, and a few children that are six and under. Any suggestions for music? I need specifics please (artist / song title) if possible, and a mix of music genre's / years if possible. I don't listen to a lot of mainstream music, so don't assume I know who you're talking about, because I most likely don't lol. Thank you for any help. :)


When my uncle's had their 50ths...we played old music first and then went on to the young stuff as most people aged 40-50+ cant dance all night like the 20-30 year olds...
So ask the person who's party it is for songs he/she likes...
But here are some examples of artists
Charlie Pride
The Beatles
Elton John
Air Supply
The Eagles
Cliff Richard

I would play music from the late 70s and early 80s, (1977-1984) in other words, his/her high school and early 20s years. He or she will get a giant kick out of hearing songs that used to be THE jam back in high school/college. Everybody will love classic Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna. You can throw in some Sting, The Police, Phil Collins, Elton John, and some old Beastie Boys if you want some rap. Other than a few dicey Prince songs, all of this should be appropriate. Google "hits from 1979" or around that time.

I trust that you have not got your numbers mixed up and you are planning a party for someone who is actually 75, with 45 to 55 guests?

50 is the new 40! My band covers lots of 50th birthday parties and they are usually very vibrant and colourful. They seem to prefer the Caribbean theme, with steel band music and potent rum punch, etc. Steel band for the reception, followed by disco music or sometimes another live band (reggae) followed by a disco.


Have a look at the party section on this website:

I would play songs from the decade they were born in....showcasing the popular songs from their actual year of birth, 1961.…

Best thing to do is ask the birthday boy/girl what he/she likes to listen to.
Or try slow music (not boring, just slow), that will make anyone happy.

well even if u may not like her, i believe taylor swift is appropriate for all ages, she sings nice songs that can be slow and or upbeat.
i wudnt suggest lady gaga however ;) ahaha not a good influence. but put on something nice and old school,
beach boys
songs people will remember or have remembered from when they were younger
the song don't stop believin by journey is really good! i luv it, lol if u wanna get a little cheesy and saucy go for songs from like grease the movie, or footloose ahaha, its a little weird but im sure everybody will enjoy it! :D
you can put some awesome music from todays time for example
lucky "jason mraz, and colbie calliat"
im yours "jason mraz"
count on me "bruno mars"
grenade "bruno mars"
firework "katy perry"
they are all awesome yet touching songs :D good luck! i really do hope i helped a little, sproutin some ideas in ur head :D
good luck!!!!

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