HELPPP! with my sweet sixteeeen!?!

Question: HELPPP! with my sweet sixteeeen!?
Im having a sweet sixteeen next year with my bestfrienddd. Do you have any ideas for invitations, party favors, themes, centerpiecesss, maybe my dresss, and what should go on at this sweet sixteeen ! thanksss to anyoneee ! please no stupid answersss.


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Play pin the tail on the troll.

if its in the summer do it outdoors make the invitations pretty and pastel and your dress make flowers as the centerpeices. or another idea is a well i dnt know the theme exactly but host it in a big open area like a basement or something like that and have neon and black lights with other glowing things and lava lamps,disco balls stuff you would find at midnight bowling and tell your guest to wear light up stuff like glow stixs

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