Ideas on 1st graders Valentine Party?!

Question: Ideas on 1st graders Valentine Party?
I'm the room mom for my son's 1st grade class. I'm trying to get ideas on a fun Valentine party. We only have 45 min so I was thinking decorate a cookie or cupcake. We did cookies for Christmas so I'm just trying to come up with something fun and easy for them. Thanks so much for any suggestions!!


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So what you're saying is you're looking for a food idea? How about making cupcakes in ice cream cones (those flat bottomed ones)...super easy and not as messy to eat as regular cupcakes...for 45 you'll need to double the recipe (which is getting 2 boxes of cake mix and enough frosting :D)>>



Any 2 layer cake mix of your choice. (You'll need 2 boxes)
About 24 ice cream cake cones (the ones with the flat bottoms.) You'll need 45
Frosting and decorations of your choice. (something to spread the frosting on for the kids, spatulas)

Mix cake mix as directed.

Fill cones with amount of batter that you would use to make cupcakes. Place inside a 9x13 inch baking pan to keep them upright.

Bake according to package directions for cupcakes.

Cake cones come out looking like they have a scoop of ice cream in them. Cool. When completely cooled frost and decorate as desired.

The kids love them, much easier to eat and teachers in schools appreciate these far more than messy cakes or cupcakes.

NOTE>>you may want to tint the frosting pink or lavender, etc....use ready-made in cans and just mix up so it's smooth. Can top with a maraschino cherry or some kind of "gummy" decoration for fun.

They could make bracelets or necklaces with the candy hearts or other candy on them for them to eat.

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