What are some good party snacks and activities?!

Question: What are some good party snacks and activities?
I got a group of friends coming over (girls) just 5. What are some good easy party snacks to make. And perhaps some games or something. We are all 17 or 16 so i'm finding it difficult to think of good games/activities because there is no guys eithier. I got heaps of DVDs any other suggestions please!


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Make some pop corn and paint your toes.

Mozzerella sticks w/marinara sauce.
Bagel-bite pizzas.
Favorite pizza toppings, sauce, and English muffins (make-you-own pizzas).
Microwave popcorn.
Veggies and dip.
Fruit and dip.
Bagels and creamcheese.

Something healthy! It will give you the energy to do other things.

Hahah or chips and stuff with cheese, like mozerella cheese sticks or twinkies or something good!!

moviesss and choc (:

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