Unforgettable party themes?!

Question: Unforgettable party themes?
My birthdays coming soon and I want to do something crazy and unforgettable. What would be some good themes? Dont hold back.


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Super hero party.

Miracle fruit party. look up miracle fruit, it is amazing. I did this for my friend's birthday and they went crazy.

It alters your taste buds

Murder mystery dinner. Everyone is sent a card inviting them, but also they have to come as the character you have assigned them. It is pre-determined "who done it" but only that person knows and can't tell anyone. If you like this idea, look up more about it on

ABC Party - Anything But Clothes. Dress in duct tape dresses, trashbags, caution tape...

Trash Bash - Wear trashbags or something else "trashy"

A letter party. Pick a letter. Say you pick P...then everyone has to come as something with P. (Ex: princess)

Any decade. Roaring 20s would be fun. Wear flapper outfits.

1. grafitti party (everyone wears white tshirts and writes on people's shirts)
2. tight n bright (tight and bright clothing)
3. think pink party (as it suggests)
4. 90s theme (people come dressed as celebs from the 90s or in the style of clothing)

Rubik's Cube Theme
Everyone wears a different colored item of clothing whose color is on the Rubik's cube. During the party, people will trade clothes until they are one color.

Hotel!!! dress up your house as a hotel check in your guests and serve hours'devours

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