Any more games for my tween coed birthday party?!

Question: Any more games for my tween coed birthday party?
Have you ever...
Would you rather...
Truth OR dare
Hide and seek in the dark
Flash-light tag
Silly String/Water Balloon Fight
Dodge Ball
Charades/Celebrity Heads

Can you think of any more? Do you think people would like it or get bored - the party is from 5-8


Google "balloon games" for choices of balloon games that are fun (you can even insert your "dares" on paper into balloons before blowing up, and then they'd have to pick one).

M&M candy scavenger hunt (colors are worth points...candies are in baggies)>>>…

If you're games are good to run around and have lots of space. One team game is to have teams...each team gets a bucket of water and a big sponge. In front of each team about 6 feet up ahead is another container that's empty. On "go" first person on each team soaks the sponge and has to pass it to person behind them (overhead might get people wet, so you can pass between legs)...when sponge reaches last person, they run up to empty container and squeeze out---then they take the first position in line and everyone moves back. Game ends when first team either fills "empty" container up to a marked line with tape...OR on a first run-through or maybe 2 , the team that collected the most water in the container.

Having some beach balls blown up to toss around the party is fun...get some permanent markers and have everyone sign them (you keep one for a souvenir and give others away as prizes at end of party).

Play "Digital Camera" like Hot Potato...everyone get around in kind of a circle (if you can with that many people! lol) and pass around a digital camera...set the timer and first person holds camera in front of them but has to pass it off quickly-----if it flashes and takes a pic, that person is out of the game. Keep going til you have a winner>>>you will get some funny shots of your party this way, too!
Also...don't use an expensive camera...the thing is liable to get dropped in everyone's hurry to pass it off ;).

You asked where to have games? Outside is good if it's nice out...if you have to go indoors for anything, you can do that, too. Go where you have the most room to run around in.

Not to downgrade your suggestions, as they are so common, but I would like to suggest you do something unconventional: have everyone help inflate and fill your bedroom up with latex balloons. The advantages are thus: balloons are cheap, it occupies a significant amount of time so people won't get bored, all party goers can participate, it is goal oriented, it is fun during and after inflating the balloons, some of the balloons can be popped, some given away after the party is over, and some can continue to be enjoyed after everyone has gone home, and it can create great memories for all involved. The only bad part would be if there is someone who has an allergy to latex, a phobia of balloons, and if someone just doesn't like balloons for what ever reason.

you camn play beer pong but fill the cups with soda instead of beer and maybe spice it up by puttin discussting drinks in some of the cups

scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, boys vs. girls. I remember doing this as a kid, we had so much fun.

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