OMG . . . Super Bowl party for a ton of people . . .?!

Question: OMG . . . Super Bowl party for a ton of people . . .?
My team made it to the Super Bowl & before I knew it I had ran my mouth off on Facebook and everyone is coming over!!! I really thought only maybe 5 people at most but now it's about 20 people & getting bigger. What should I cook??? I can do BBQ & appetizers I guess. I just didn't know it would turn into that & everyone's so excited. What would be the best way to do this? The game starts at 3:30pm so I have time to cook. What feeds mass quantities of people? HELP!!!!

Answers: these ppl and make a list....make it potluck party (in part)...keep track of what they're willing to bring (drinks, appetizer, main dish?)...this way you can fill in. It's great you're hosting the party and they can hang out...but they should contribute (and hopefully stay to clean up).

Foods to serve besides the obvious pizza, wings, if you go that route:
Make something in a crockpot---pulled pork for sandwiches?
deviled eggs
mini meatballs in a pot to keep warm (pull out your fondue)
layered taco dip with nachos, and crackers
ham slices spread with cream cheese, lay a pickle on it and roll up
little hots in a pot with mustard and jelly (mint jelly is good)---or cut up regular size ones...or pigs in a blanket with mustard dipping sauce
any/all kinds of dips and chips, pretzels

lemon bars for dessert, or other cake bars for easy serving

Find out what drinks they are bringing...have ice and get cups, plates, napkins, silverware, toothpicks...get some paper toweling to put in bathroom for guests to use.

Hosting a party like that can be very hard to do and make it run smoothly. Here are some tips:
First you need to find out how many people will be coming so you know how much food to make.
You can also ask people to bring side dishes or drinks
I suggest googling ideas for food at a superbowl party. It should tell you how many servings it makes, and you may have to double the recipe. Make sure you make more than enough, the last thing you want is to run out of food!
You could also ask everyone to pitch in money to order pizza.

Make sure you have enough space for everyone to sit, some may have to sit on the floor which is okay.
Move furniture out of the way if needed.
Tell people to come at like 3 so you can serve the first "round" of food. Later people can get up and get more though. Also so you can get everyone situated.

Clean the house before the guests arrive, no one wants to party in a dirty house.
Get everything done before people arrive so you don't have to do last minute things.
... Hmmm that's really all I can think of.
Best wishes

a bunch of cheap pizzas. or tell everyone that this party is byof. bring you're own food. seriously, just ask peiople if they can bring a covered dish or some sort of food. people will usually bring something.

Get pizza and fried chicken and taco bell has a thing where u can get 10 tacos for 7 or 8 bucks

Mini egg rolls!!!

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