Question: PARTY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZ HELP!!!!?
ok so im having a party(4 girls including me)so the all of us r having game night and 2 grils are going home and 2 r spending the night and my room is way to small were can we sleep?????????


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Try the living room, or the floor, tell them to get their sleeping bags and sleep on the basement, or make a tent in your backyard, and bring a heater out, or make a fire outside, and warm marshmello's on sticks :)

Is this in a dorm room or at your house. My suggestion is to sleep on the floor in the living room. Get lots of blankest and pillows and make it nice and comfy.


try the front room... just throw some blankets on the floor and your all set

Try sleeping on the floor or couches, that's what I do.

the floor or couches

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