HELP!!!!!!!!! me plan the perfect party?!!??!!? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

Question: HELP!!!!!!!!! me plan the perfect party?!!??!!? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i want to have it in NYC

I NEED a party place give me the link

guests : 118

kids teens and growen ups are going to be there

3)party place
4)gift bags
6)outfit ( what should i wear im 13)
7)party supplyes


I have a better idea!!!!

You have a small party somewhere nice like at the beach with you closest family and friends
Make you own dress from scraps - Very good tutorials at
Get spotify Premium, use a laptop - get some good sound speakers (biiig)
then you can play whatever music you wish in the moment
Get family to cook up some good grub

You'll then have lots of money left which you were intending to spend like a spoilt child - to give to charity! Cuz in the end that's one of the best birthday present ever: Sharing. :)


Feed them with:
chips and dips
sub sandwiches cut up
finger foods

non-alcoholic sangria punch

Wear a new outfit that you like.

Gift bags depends on your budget.

AMAZING! I found this for you.

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