ideas for a sweet 16 birthday cake?!

Question: Ideas for a sweet 16 birthday cake?
I want it to be a 3 tier cake i have a month to find out what i want it to look like but it has to be under $40 but when someone looks at it they will say wow the theme is peace signs


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There's always a Topsy-turvy cake like this one…

Just use whatever colors and symbols you like...but you have to admit..this cake is eye-catching!

Ok so the birthday boy or girl is a hippie and the theme is peace signs? You should consider going with very psychedelic colors on each tier.

Maybe for the bottom tier- Neon purple background with neon green Peace signs.

Middle tier- Neon pink background with neon orange polka dots.

Top tier- Neon yellow background with one big rainbow colored Peace symbol on top.

It would have a funky sense but simple elements too. ^v^

well for my sweet 16 my mom got a picture of me as a baby on candy paper to put on the cake

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