Birthday party ideas.. (read for details)?!

Question: Birthday party ideas.. (read for details)?
I am turning 14 and i am a girl!
I don't want themes I want ideas on where to go and want are fun things to do...
If it helps at all, give my any price range because I didn't have a 13th b-day so this is going to be both my b-days in one...
And I Live in oklahoma!


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go karts, horse back riding, Zumba, theme parks, or just a good indoor party and make up games, you could even take some off of the show minute to win it :)

How much money are you allowed to get for your birthday?
You can ask one of your parents to take you and some of your close friends shopping to a mall.
Or if you're not allowed, you can have a sleepover party. Themes, themes, themes... How about dress as your favorite celebrity and have a red carpet?

ok hears a good idia . i get some of my closest friends like one or two of them and go to like a amusment park and a hotel to stay in it cause like 300 dollors but its worthit and u can get cupons for most of those thinghs

I'll bet you and a few friends would love to go to a spa. Get manicures and pedicures. Then, if money is no object, go for dinner and the movies.

Maybe something like chucky cheese or safari sams or sky high, I don't know, we might just have those in oregon.

If you go to they have a whole bunch of nice themes for you to use!

? Kasi

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