Help with Jello Shots recipe?!

Question: Help with Jello Shots recipe?
I'm making jello shots, and I've read you can put 1 cup of alcohol or 3/4 of a cup. The thing is, I'm making three-colored (like rainbow) shots, layering three colors on top of each other, so I'm gonna have three times the amount of shots. Because I have so many, I don't want them to be too strong because there aren't that many of us - will 1/4 of a cup in each color of Jello (3/4 cup total in each shot) be enough?


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You can adjust the amount of alcohol by any amount you want.

I usually do half water, half vodka.

But you could do less alcohol and just add more water so that you have the total amount of liquid the jello box calls for.

Good luck.

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