How to get away throwing a small house party?!

Question: How to get away throwing a small house party?
Its not a rager or anyhing, Just like 10 people max, kickin it in my apartment. My parents are away for the night. Thers going to be alcohol and other stuff. I just want tips on how to get away with having a little small gathering without being caught. And dont bother telling me "dont throw it" cause Im going to do it anyway.


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Well you can throw it like you said but you're gonna get caught unless your parents are retards

1st of all put away all breakables. cover the couches with blankets. put a sign on your parents room that says stay out i mean it, lock it if possible.

Make sure in the morning that everything is cleaned up (look everywhere). Cover any holes in the wall and clean any stains.

Been there got away with it. I had a party once and a freind put a small hole in the wall. i covered it with a picture and my parents didn't notice it for years. They never knew I had parties

dont do it cuz you'll get caught and you will be one sorry little boy

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