Would you rather see?!

Question: Would you rather see?
My friend and i are looking for your opinions. Our school is holding a charity gunging (some "lucky" people get messy things poured on them) and my friend is student council president and I'm class president so were both up for participating, but only one of us will end up messy. We agreed together to dress formally in order to raise extra money and get people motivated.

Which one of us do you think our class will vote for (person with most votes gets covered in chocolate cake batter), and which dress should they wear?

Me, in this dress (I'm on the right ):

My friend in this dress:

Me or my friend in these dresses ( I'm on right, she's on left):

Let us know what u think :)


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I think either one with you. Her dresses were too dark and wouldnt look as dirty. Plus your prettier so...yeah :p

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