Sweet 16 food serving only sweets then dance it off?!

Question: Sweet 16 food serving only sweets then dance it off?
I got one of my friends sisters celebrating her sweet 16 in February and I suggested she have a sweets only feast then play her favorite songs to dance the sugar from the sweets. Do you suggest serving a main course and or appetizers before?


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i wouldn't go with only sweets. Mix it up and do finger foods. One of the best ways of having good food and not cook is to order from Chic-Fil-A (not sure if your in the states or overseas...if your in the USA, then this is best) you would spend about $100 or slightly less but have array of foods. a tray of chicken nuggets, a tray of sandwiches and a tray of brownie or cookies or cheese cake samples and before you know it, the food is gone and the "Tweens" are all happy...and in the end, that's what you want...Happy Tweens!! Trust, i already did my daughters 16th party/sleep over for 11 girls and they loved it.

from personal experience

You can serve apples with nuts and chocolate for a sweet beginning.

How about a platter of sweet fruits as an appetizer.

have like a lot to drink like water the whole time!!! have like little finger sandwichs and stuff thats small but cute and sweet (but not literally) hope this helps!

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