Birthday party ideas?!?!?!?!

Question: Birthday party ideas?!?!?!?
Okay, so i'm turning 14 in march (i know its a while away, but i want this party to be awesome so i have to plan out every little detail!) i need this to be better than any of my friends birthday parties (scavenger hunt at huge mall, really big water park, camping, really fun sleepover) but it cant be super expensive, and going to an amusement park is not a great idea... I don't know if i will invite boys or not... so ideas for all girl parties and boy girl parties would be nice! Pleaseeee please! I need ideas really good ones. the ones that if you went to this persons party you would go back to school saying "DUDEE! That was an awesome party!!!!!" Jl :) but that would be nice (: haha.



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Go to an open gym! It may sound lame but my friend had a party at a gym and it was so much fun, we are still talking about it 6 months later! Not like a gym for working out, like a gym for gymnasts, with the rope, the foam pit, trampolines, and all that good stuff :) I hope its fun!

turn your basement into a dance party invite like a lot of boys and girls! change your light bulbs out into black light light bulbs, buy a lot of glow sticks and necklaces, neon paint, have everyone dress in white, blast the music and do it on a friday or saturday night! everyone will have an awesome time!! get a lot of chips, water, soda, and candy!! and pizza and cake of course hope this helps!!…

do it at Howarts, but please make sure Mcgonagall doesn't go near the kitchen, I hate her cooking

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