Help!!! 11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas! Only 1 Week Till Party!?!

Question: Help!!! 11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas! Only 1 Week Till Party!?
Turning 11 and am on a budget. Only gonna invite 4 people but i have no idea for a party theme or what to do. My mom does not want to spend more than $100!


This is easy. You just have to get creative! think, what do you want to do? What do you feel the urge to do? Here are some ideas, that you can mold and shape to make it your own:

Go out to lunch with your friends
go to your local pool and swim with your friends
invite your friends over and bake your cake and decorate it and eat it
play the wii with your friends.
find a local place of entertainment, like somewhere that does lazer tag, bumper cars, etc. that you can just go in and join a lazer tag session
go to steak and shake! its a cool themed cheap place to go with friends have a makeover party (just make sure its ok with the other girls parents), do nails, makeup, hair, etc then go out to eat or model your clothes.
go to the city closest to you and go shopping- thats always fun. see who can get the best stuff at the cheapest prices.

Good luck!

Oh and thats funny your birthday is a week away mine is too :)

For my 11th bday party i had a fun sleepover with 3 friends -- this is what i did. we got a pound cake and some frostings and decorations from wallmart, and me and my 3 friends all decorated the cake together b4 lighting the candles and eating it. it was also a sleepover, so we were all in our pj's. we rented some movies from redbox, popped popcorn, ordered pizza, and for goodies i went to walmart and in thier $1 goodies section i got stuff that we played with. we just had a fun random time like a "playdate" it was super fun and afordable. Hope that helps and happy birthday! (also the theme was pink and blue)

my bday party last year :)

Give everyone make overs at your house then hit the town maybe go into different shops, then go out to dinner not somewhere extremely expensive but somewhere you all like! Or maybe go to the movies, murder mystery party like someone could make up a story and everyone could dress up when they come, and you would have clues to figure out like who killed something.... kinda like a scavenger hunt. maybe do a mall scavenger hunt party, you take pictures of things instead of buying them! so that you save money then you can hit the food court and maybe do a little shopping.

I had a tea party in our backyard. We decorated and baked our own cookies.(its a bit girly, but thats me.) It was a girls' party. We brought our dogs and had fun with them. By the way the theme was proper lady. We wore dresses. It was fun :D Since I play the piano, i performed in my birthday. My parents and some helpers decorated our backyard with flowers, streamers colors: pink, green, purple, yellow. They cleaned our pond and fountain. There was a lot of flowers cuz it was on spring time. Hmm i dont know how much it all cost. My parents hired some violinist and pianist to perform in my b-day. :D

If she has a 2 favorite colors you could use that and make a theme out of the colors with the balloons, streamers, plates, the cake, etc. It doesn't cost much for a child's party unless you are planning on giving goodie bags. You can also find free game ideas online.


pick what your fav thng to watch or hobby and go from there.

i would do decorate your own cupcakes. buy lots of favorite candies at the dollar tree for them to decorate.

buy stuff to make your own pizzas. pillsburry crust in refrigerated section, jar of sauce in pasta section, and different toppings and cheese.

i would download games online for free. maybe do a magic theme and search different magic tricks, get the stuff and everyone puts on a magic show.

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