How can I find a good house party?!

Question: How can I find a good house party?
I am 15. I want to find a house party or party with lots of people but I can't. Any tips on how to find some?


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house parties are normally more fun when you know at least some of the people there.

if you're 15, its also important to consider your own safety... some "house parties" can get pretty out of hand, and if you don't know the people there, there may be no-one to look after you - you also don't want to get messed up in an older social scene, where people may be drinking, or doing drugs. make sure you always tell someone where you're going, and when you plan to get back (try to arrange lifts in advance)

if none of your friends are having parties, why don't you throw one yourself... you don't necessarily have to host it, if your parents wouldn't allow that, but discuss and organise it with a group of friends... that way you can invite the people you want, at the time that suits you, and maybe even have fun planning it.

one great thing about throwing parties, is that it makes you very popular! you'd be surprised at how many people like you are looking for somewhere to hang out, and have fun!

good luck!

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send me an email at "" if you'd like any tips on throwing parties, or on personal safety.

Ask your friends! or people from your school (:

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