sweet sixteen party ideas?!

Question: Sweet sixteen party ideas?
so im gonna have my sweet 16 around the end of april/beginning of may and i have no freaking clue what to do. my mom said that she would rent a place and let me throw a legit party as in a 'lets get freaky bitches' kinda party but then she decided it would be too expensive (she said it would probably come to about 1000, which seems like A LOT) sooo...how much do you think it would cost and do you think that's too much? Also, i have 2-3 close guy friends and the rest are more just people who are in my "group" at school, so i feel like it might be awkward inviting them and i def dont want an all girls partay like that, so what do you think?
Do you have any other options or ideas? something relatively small (10-15) people maybe i guess (i dont really know what goes on in my mothers head) Parties that ive had in the past probably cost around 250 and since this is a big un' i feel like she might go a tad higher, but yeah...just any ideas that would be fun and not insanely pricey. I know this is a tad long, so thanks for reading!


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just do what you like.you could have a pool party, or just decorate your house and invite you freind.ask yor freinds for ideas, its not a party without them.

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