Cheap Super Bowl Party?!

Question: Cheap Super Bowl Party?
I am having around ten people over to watch the super bowl. I need to provide food and drink but I am a poor college student. What is something I can serve that people will like but will also be affordable for me?


My first thought is to have a potluck and let everyone bring a snack. That being said, here are some cheap ideas:

1. Deviled eggs
2. Chips and salsa
3. Hamburger sliders with barbecue sauce
4. Nachos
5. Pulled pork sliders (slow cook 1 pork butt with barbecue sauce, serve with rolls)
6. Spaghetti and meatballs
7. Pizza
8. Bread bowl with spinach dip
9. Pigs in a blanket
10. Chili with corn bread
11. Brownies or cookies

Here's what I'm having:

1. Mozarella sticks with marinara
2. Deviled eggs
3. Cheese platter with grapes and whole grain crackers
4. Lasagne
5. Chopped salad
6. French bread
7. Ice cream pie

Here is a quick and easy party recipe. It's called Spicy chicken Wing Dip.

32 oz of canned white chicken meat
8oz bottle of ranch
8oz bag of sharp cheddar cheese
2 boxes of cream cheese
...16oz bottle of wing sauce( I use Crystals original) but you can use which ever..
just throw it all into a crock pot , cook on high for about 1 1/2 hours or more until everything is melted,
and TA-DA!
Hope you try it, and hope everyone likes it.

Family recipe.

Do a Nachos and/or Taco bar. Just get some tortillas and tortilla chips, cook up some ground beef (or ground turkey), put out some cheddar cheese, sour cream, black olives, lettuce/tomatoes/onions, whatever you like on Nachos.

And you can make Sangria (it uses any type of red wine) and just chop up some fruit like oranges, limes, lemons.

Good luck.

Here's a really cool Super Bowl Party chip and dip idea…
There's also some more fun ideas here…

I love the Super Bowl! Have a great party!

Hot dogs, chips and soda. Chips and salsa.popcorn

I agree with the nacho/taco bar.

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