Thinking of an Aussie-themed 18th birthday party?!

Question: Thinking of an Aussie-themed 18th birthday party?
Has anyone got any ideas for food, drink, decorations, etc? It's a bit of a strange one, I know, but I love Australia lol... I'm English, if that's relevant at all.


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Three words: Bar Be Que! Fire up the barbie, throw on some steaks, burgers, kebabs, chicken drumsticks, sausages, and crack open the Fosters. Strewth!

Lol, sorry, I've gone all Neighbours. If you've got the budget you could even try and locate some alligator/kangaroo steaks, though you'd probably have to source these online and it wouldn't be cheap. You can get creative with kebabs - some for the veggies (mushrooms, pineapple, peppers, tomatoes), some for the yuppies (monkfish and ciabatta), and some old skool chicken and veg ones. Stick a jar of Vegemite out with the ketchup and mustard. As for drink, you've gotta get Fosters, and plenty of Aussie wine (mostly Chardonnays).

Decorations: kangaroos, crocs, some kind of representation of the Sydney Opera House and Ayers rock. You could dress up as Rolf Harris, Steve Irwin, an Aboriginie, Kylie Minogue...

Music (keep the Aussie playlist short and then switch to normal music, as you may lose your guests pretty quickly if you leave it on all night!): Kylie Minogue, AC/DC, Holly Valance, Jason Donovan, Rolf Harris, Wolfmother, Jet, INXS, Natalie Imbruglia, The Vines.


BIG difference- the answer posted by Sleep is AMERICANISED.

A true Australian celebration is traditionally barbecued beef sausages, lamb chops, chicken fillets and king prawns. Accompanied by potato,pasta and garden salads, white bread and soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages are almost always beer.
Desserts are almost always pavlova, trifle, lamingtons and cheesecake.

Decorations- traditionally, if there are any they are usually green and gold ribbons or sporting team colours. Aboriginal artwork is becoming a popular choice for decorating at parties in Australia at the moment too.

Things like kangaroo and crocodile steaks are reserved for FANCY or Aboriginal tribal events. Mainstream Australians rarely eat the first and most have NEVER eaten the second!

If you want a menu for an aboriginal themed party, again go with the barbecue but use kangaroo, prawns and barramundi (or any white fleshed fish). Season with lemon pepper, bush myrtle, and serve with mango chutney.
Vegetables are not common for aboriginal celebrations, but baked root vegetables, and rice salad are popular.
dessert would be a tropical fruit salad, if it was a fancy aboriginal do there would be a pavlova.
Drinks- whatever, beer, dry white wine and lemonade are the best beverage choices.

A REAL Australian!

na i wouldent, its to cold

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