What to do for my 30th Birthday party?!

Question: What to do for my 30th Birthday party?
My birthday is early March. I am not one who like to hang out in a bar. The only idea I have is dinner and bowling with friends, but that is what a friend did just this last weekend to celebrate his 30th (1/29/11).


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Spa would be nice. With others or by yourself.
Weekend retreat in the woods. March is the perfect time for it.

You could switch up the dinner/bowling idea a little so it's not a total repeat. Japanese steakhouses are always fun, or Mexican restaurants. Either gives a little more excitement to the dinner. Then instead of bowling do something different--how bout an arcade like a Dave n Buster's, laser tag, is there indoor mini-golf lol? Ice skating?

The sips n strokes type places where everyone paints a picture and has wine, never been but I've heard it's alot of fun...maybe the guys wouldn't mind?

A karaoke bar is also fun even if you don't drink, or if some of your friends do, fun either way.

Hope that helps!

You can take your friends out to eat at a restaurant.
You can watch a movie with your friends.
You can go to an amusement park - Disneyland, Universal, Boomers...
You can watch a live sports game.

Maybe you could go on vacation somewhere with your friends. Maybe go to a beach if it's not to cold by where you live. I'm sorry. I'm only 13 so i'm not really sure.

Hmm, well I am 14 so I am not sure but maybe you can all go see a movie.Hope I helped!:))

Why dont you go away for the weekend? Either with your girlies or your man, have a fun weekend, just an idea

Have a simple party

get plenty of booze................ ye thats about it get wrecked

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