Party ideas for 18th birthday? (small group of girls)?!

Question: Party ideas for 18th birthday? (small group of girls)?
I'm the oldest (18) and want to do something fun and memorable with my good friends.

Any ideas would help! (limo included)


Well seeing as not all of you can go out clubbing I'd suggest staying in and having a really girly sleepover or a house party!! Or you could just go out all day and go shopping/cinema/theatre/restrant and then out somewhere at night too
hope this helps

Maybe you all could take the limo and go to dinner and then to a concert, or show of some sort. If your town has access to broadway type productions, plays, or ballet/opera that might be a nice way to get all dressed up and go out on the town.

Another thought would be to pick an activity that you like best and center the evening around that, no matter what it is.

Don't take a limo, that's super cheesy.
You and you're friends need to dress up, go to a really nice restaurant, then go downtown to a club.
Dance, talk, meet people, have fun.
You'll have the best night of your life.
Happy 18th.

have everyone meet at your house, take the limo to a nice dressy resuturant and have all the girls dress up for dinner, come home and have a sleepover, just have a fun girls nightt!

pick them up from there houses in the limo, then from there go to the cinema's & bowling (:
or you could go town, and eat there and then go iceskating.

Hope you have an amazing 18th! :] xx

Strip club.

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