How to make the best, biggest party EVER for an 11 year old girl?!

Question: How to make the best, biggest party EVER for an 11 year old girl?
So my daughter will be turning 12 soon and we want to have a HUGE party now that we have the money. Any suggestions? Money is NO object AT ALL. By the way she's a future pop star.


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Book the nearest karaoke place (somewhere like in a casino) for her party. She could invite all of her friends, and they could have a karaoke contest. After that take them to the most expensive restaurant around, and let them each order whatever they want. Then bring them to an extremely nice hotel, and let them order room service all night. Then in the morning have them have room service for breakfast, then bring each person home with a goodie bag with a cd of your daughter singing her favorite songs, and a microphone. Make sure you have a limo to travel from place to place, especially to pick them up[ and bring them home.

Have her invite manty friends and take them somewhere super cool
Like the great wolf lodge
The mall
Luky jacks
The movies
Out to dinner
Disney world

And how is she a future pop star

That's what party planners do. Hire one.

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