I want to have a cooking party?!

Question: I want to have a cooking party?
I'm turning 13 and I love to cook
I would like to have a cooking themed birthday party
Could some one list games and ideas

Best list wins 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some grocery stores have special locations offering cooking classes that you can reserve for a group. Some examples include Publix and Whole Foods. Then you could do cook offs like they do in Top Chef because you'll have the space and ingredients and learn something along the way too.
You could make a couple cakes and decorate as teams and vote for the best winner. Or bake a cake with multiple layers and each person adds(draw straws for order) one thing until finished creation.
Make cupcakes and everyone decorate their own, best decorated wins a prize.
Make personal pizzas and offer various toppings.
Make steamed potstickers and each person can make up their own fillings.
Do a Chinese Hot Pot ( Chinese Hot Pot ( http://www.china-family-adventure.com/ch… ) or Thai Suki where you can all cook your own food, kind of like fondue - lots of fun!
Put different odd kitchen items (no sharp items) items into a paperbag and have each person blindfolded. One person reaches in and grabs one and describe it to the others without mentioning the name of the item.

Games pin the tail on the roasting pig , make gingy houses, make a fruit salad together, pretend you have your own cooking show(make a script with all your friends,have someone videotape it and watch it after)!!!...make pastries----in short buy easy bake ovens for party favors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Items like egg rolls and shishkabobs are great to make for such a party since everyone can make their own. For shishkabobs, I will cut up a bunch of chicken, steak, and shrimp with green peppers, onions, jalapenos, etc. and let people put their own together. Same concept goes for egg rolls, but this one involves hot grease and can get very messy.

One game idea is to put the guests to the smell test

Assemble a tray of different-smelling things such as vinegar, a flower, dirt, vanilla extract, an orange, chocolate syrup and sour cream, different coffees, lemons, limes, spices

Place the items in small bowls or cups.

Blindfold the players and hold one item at a time under each person's nose.

Ask the players to attempt to identify the items by smell alone.

Give the items to the players in different orders and add or delete items so that each player will have a unique group of items to identify.

Another idea: have each guest bring a bowl and utensil that are unique to them...and to decorate it or come up with an interesting idea (like a bread bowl and wooden spoon)...they can be creative as they want and you be the judge. Then make some good soups for them to taste test and winner with best "soup bowl and eating implement" wins soup to take home..or maybe some nice mugs.

Make a craft together....how to put together a Kitchen Angel using a kitchen towel, matching square pot holder and a dish cloth (twist ties, raffia...can even add a wooden spoon)...

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