Perfect Sweet 16 Party?!

Question: Perfect Sweet 16 Party?
I have to plan a sweet 16 party in under 2 weeks, and I don't know what my theme should be! The guests are ages 15-16, both guys and girls. However, they don't all know each other...(The friends are from two socials groups) I was thinking a murder mystery (using "How to Host a Murder") but seeing as this is my first 16th party, I don't know if this is such a good idea! Please help! Thanky you!


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Go with something easy like Pokemon or Dora the Explorer. Spongebob is great too, especially if boys wil lbe there. Hope this helps!


Well, you can only have one 16th birthday party, so we know that. In my opinion, it looks like a good idea. Why? Well, with a murder mystery everybody would have to work together and then they'd get to know each other well. That way, nobody would feel like they are around a lot of strangers and nothing could easily get awkward.

If you don't think they'll like that idea, ask your friends what they like in a party and whatever the majority say- do. Or, better yet, find a way to combine all of their ideas!

Good luck.

My brain.

I have never been to a murder mystery party but it sounds intriguing, however if you were looking for an alernative suggestion.. A friend of mine had a party based on the 1st letter of her name to make it personal... Her name started with an S so everyone was told to come dressed a character or something that started with the letter S.. they got to choose. There was the Statute of Liberty, Sailor Moon, Snow boarder, Shirley Temple etc. Its funny and there is always a wide range of characters which gets people talking

Well girls like princess, so how about a princess & prince party. Every party needs a yummy snack like this chili cheese bean nachos & dip. In this video it looks really easy and fast to make. i'm gona make it for my party. hope this helps.…

murder mysterys are always fun but you could do a black tie party? everyone loves dressing up smart and making an occasion of it :)

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