what are some good ideas for a married 23 year old daughter's birthday party?!

Question: What are some good ideas for a married 23 year old daughter's birthday party?

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Maybe a hotel party with the family would be enjoyable?

Going out to a fun restaurant, like a Japanese steakhouse is always good.

Weather permitting, a BBQ outdoors would be nice and relaxed. You could have horseshoes set up or badminton or volleyball set up if everyone would like that.

Those sips n strokes type places where you go and paint and have wine, I've heard they are alot of fun, plus she gets to have something to take home as a keepsake from her birthday. I don't know if the men would enjoy it as much but they might just like it :)

You could do a bonfire with smores, hot dogs, beer, music. Everyone loves a bonfire. You could string up some lights and/or tiki torches to make it more festive. Inexpensive and fun.

Karaoke bars are always fun.

Hope that helped!

Sex toy party!! So much fun!! They have something for everyone. Experienced, not experienced, curious, couples, etc. Tons of great games.

I wanted to do something for my mom's bachelorette party. She isn't big on going out, she isn't big on drinking, she isn't big on anything! So I threw one in her honor (she got the free stuff and discounts, etc.) At first I thought how it might be awkward. But it wasn't at all. The different games we played were a lot of fun and everything is confidential.

Passionparties.com and pureromance.com are two that I know of. You can find a consultant in your area. Oh! Couples parties are a lot of fun too!!

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