Home sweet sixteen birthday party ideas?!

Question: Home sweet sixteen birthday party ideas?
I'm looking for an affordable way to celebrate my 16th birthday (which is also on the 16th of February)
Any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated :)


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Oh! 16 on the 16th! Now that only happens once in a lifetime!

Well, you can do a "sweet" 16 party, and make it candy-themed. And you can have chocolate covered pretzels, dipped chocolate strawberries, s'mores, and all other matter of snacks and food that are way fun to make, not that much buy, and are really delicious.

There's even a game your guests can play that involve candy. You have enough candy bars that everyone gets at least one (but more is better), and you can everyone sit in a circle and pick out a candy bar and place it in a paper lunch bag. Then you start a timer (usually three minutes, but it could be more or less depending on how many people you have), and you have your guest go around in a circle as many times as they can before the timer goes off to steal each others candy bars, but since the candy is hidden in the paper bags, your guests must remember who has what, and if they get it wrong, they end up with nothing for that turn!

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You should make this Chili Cheese Bean Nachos & Dip. It is really easy to make. I am gona make it for the Super Bowl Party and for future parties. Recipe is in the video.


Murder Mystery Dinner party!!! You can find some online and they're a lot of fun! I had one for my 18th birthday and everyone loved it!

Check out TeenPartyIdeas.com. They have loads of info to have a great party!:) Happy birthday!

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