Semi Sweet Chocolate good for Strawberries?!

Question: Semi Sweet Chocolate good for Strawberries?
Is semi sweet chocolate better to dip strawberries in, to create the chocolate covered strawberry's so that the chocolate doesn't harden after drying? I prefer it moist, it's more tasteful this way.

Answers would be helpful and greatly appreciated, thanks.
p.s. creating the recipe for a sweet valentine dinner for hubby & i. :)


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Semi-sweet chocolate is perfect and I also like to add about 2 Tbs of liqueur (depends on my mood, brandy or Kahlua etc).

You could do it that way, but when you melt the chocolate over a double boiler (glass bowl resting on top of a pot of boiling water - don't let water touch the glass!), add a little cream. You can add a tiny bit of crisco shortening to give it a shiny look.

I think whichever chocolate you like will taste amazing with strawberries. If you buy baking chocolate it will probably harden.

The kind of chocolate you use is a matter of personal preference.

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