How can i and in what order can i plan this party ?!

Question: How can i and in what order can i plan this party ?
Hi all,
I have got an engagement party coming up and the party plan or events are gonna be something like this
1 ring ceremony
2 cutting the cake
3. Lunch and toasts
3 games
4 Ball Dance
5 going away gifts
the thing is the ceremony is just 1 hour before the lunch and is it ok to keep games, ball dance after it ? and stuff after lunch or is it ok to let the guest wait until the games over
Serious suggestions please


The best way to treat your guests would not make them wait for food. If there is a ceremony then food and drink should be served directly after followed by some type of activity{s}. This gives your guests a chance to move around instead of sitting around feeling bloated. After this is when a cake ceremony or a dessert course should be served as now guests should have some room for it. At this point you can have another activity or depending on time and the longevity of the event,{or how tired you are} the end of the party should be signaled by the going away gifts. So I guess in short, #1,#3 , {the lunch #3} #3, {the games #3} ,#2, #4, #5. Think of it like a school day schedule, assembly first(rings), sit for class (food), get up and move around at recess(games), sit for more class(cake), move around at lunch recess(dancing), time to go home(gifts). I hope this helps.

You should just have the ceremony and games before the lunch.

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