Which is better Hershy bar or Twix?!

Question: Which is better Hershy bar or Twix?
Which is better Hershy bar or Twix, I can't decide! Give reasons to convince me!


Twix, it is Chocolate AND carmel! Hershy bar is only chocolate

Hershey is not good, it's chakly and crumbly. Chocolate should be melty and rich tasting and Herheys tastes like brown paint in a paintbox.
Also, you can nibble the chocolate off the side of a twix, then when you've done that, you dunk the biscuit part in coffee or cocoa and the biscuit inside goes soft and then you suck the rest of the Twix up and it's soooo good like that.

I think both are made by Hersheys, but Twix beats Hersheys by 100%. It's not even a fair fight, Hersheys is closer to rabbit droppings than chocolate.

Hershey Bar is too fatty.

Twix is just mmmmmmmmmmm. Caramel, CHocolate, Cookie!

Hershey bar. All chocolate or chocolate with almonds and Hershey's Kisses. Wonderful.

Hershey bars are much better during creative sex.



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