help me plan my 18th birthday party?!

Question: Help me plan my 18th birthday party?
i am having an 18th in may with another girl, we have a guest list of 250 people...
i need to find a theme and colours so i can start to organice the cake and decorations...
its BYO alco, but we are supplying the food and soft drink... how much will i need?
also how much table wear will we need, spoons plates ect...



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To not botch this, you'll probably want to use a professional catering service. Many have themes from which you can choose.

If you have to plan a party for that many people I would recommend buying party supplies (cups, plates, napkins, balloons, table covers, streamers, etc.) from a place that sells in bulk. You will probably need around 200 of each type of supplies, since not everyone will be attending. As far as drinks go, I would look in the newspaper ads to see where you can find soda on sale (there's always a store that has 12 packs for $3 or less). I would probably buy around 200 sodas, even though not everyone will drink soda. Water bottles are fairly cheap too (you should be able to find 24 packs for $4-5) so that would be a good alternative as well. And food... well that's really just a judgment call and depends on the food you plan to serve. Pizzas from costco or Little Caesars, or Pizza hut seem like viable options. Good luck and enjoy the party :O - Cheap party supplies store

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