Suggestions for a "late-60's" party?!

Question: Suggestions for a "late-60's" party?
For a young adult birthday party, am wishing to have a themed party set in the late-60's i.e. 1967-1969. I particularly like the music and fashion from this era and am wishing to having a party under that theme.
I'm thinking of decorating my house like Austin Power's pad or the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club in the Austin Powers film series. And wanting most people to come as go-go dancers or the like. Not really wanting a hippie Woodstock feel.
My issue is I am unsure of how to label this theme... and I need ideas for decorations, invitations, games, food, other costumes and more sources of inspiration.
Any help would be appreciated, websites, personal experience, the lot.


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The Carnival and Party Warehouse in Glebe, Sydney has go-go style costumes and hippie costumes. They also stock Austin Powers style accessories and wigs. They also have foil fringe curtains and decorations that could be used for your selected theme. I'd definitely go check out their warehouse for some inspiration or contact them via their website

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