Whats missing from my menu?!

Question: Whats missing from my menu?
I'm having a home purse party and here's what I'm serving:

-veggie tray
-Vday cupcakes

A candy buffet
-red hots
-heart marshmallow peeps
-ju ju hearts


I have Valentines day cups plates napkins...

But what should I add to even out my menu??

Thanks in advance


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You should add in some food, like maybe pasta.

if you make deviled eggs, you can add food coloring to make the filling pink to keep up with the theme. You can also get pizzas and ask them not to cut them or to cut them in squares (i personally love doing this with pizzas from papa murphey's if you have one near). you could get some rolls and a deli tray and let people make their own mini sandwiches, or get frozen mini quiches...also consider making punch or lemonade instead of soda...just a suggestion...

fruit and dip? use red friends like watermelon, cut up apples, strawberry, cherries. mix together cream cheese and fluff to taste (it's delicious) and maybe add some red food coloring if you wanted to stick with a valentines day theme.

people love dips. maybe a variety of homemade dips?

i think you should also have just water and also some bread because you don't have any 'main' kind of carbohydrates. :D that sounds really really good though.

Mini sandwiches.
Dip for the chips.
Fruit platter.

how about something that isn't sweet... like maybe little cut up deli sandwiches or deviled eggs?

my guess is you want to offer snacks rather than a meal.

-fruit tray with cheese
-hummus for veggies
-deviled eggs


Maybe some finger sandwiches, deviled eggs, and hot wings. Rotel

If you have cookie cutters you could make <3 shape sandwiches!

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