How do I crash a party at SDSU even though I don't go there?!

Question: How do I crash a party at SDSU even though I don't go there?
Me and a friend are visiting San Diego and I heard that SDSU is crazy but I don't know anyone that goes there, or anyone in San Diego really. So advice please? (We're girls btw)


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Just walk in. I used to crash parties all the time. Bonus if you wear the school's sweat shirt or if you walk up to someone random and ask who they know here. That way, if they tell you so-and-so, you can use that answer if someone else asks who you know. This can get tricky though.

Unless you just want to crash a party and make everyone think you belong there, you're in SAN DIEGO!!!! I'm willing to bet that city has a bit more to offer. (Even though you're girls, btw).
So if you want to crash this party, MAKE AN ENTRANCE!!!! If you simply just want to attend it, then blend in. Either way, you'll have a story to tell.

I still say scroo the party and check out San Diego.

easy...just show up and if anybody asks, say you're a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.

collect some gross stuff and put it in the party

Simple, you just do :)

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