Best tips to not over indulge at Super Bowl Party?!

Question: Best tips to not over indulge at Super Bowl Party?
My husband has advised me that we will be heading out to a Sup Bowl party tonight. I have been on a trict eating plan this week and as soon as he told me that I was scared. I have a big issue around food and find it VERY HARD not to have awsome food and munchies when I am round them. Does anyone have any tips that can take this fear away and alo not hrow a week of hard work down the drain in one night?


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Have a 90 calorie fiber bar and drink a pint of water. It will keep you feeling full and help prevent you from overeating. Man up! Willpower woman!

Have fun!

try eating something before you leave for the party* that way you wont be tempted by chicken wings, chilli, and all kinds of goodies layed out before you*
you can snack on the veggie tray and fruit tray*
t ry to limit your drinks as they're full of sugar mostly
you can still have FUN....and nibble on a lil bit.healthy choices......and maybe a sliver of dessert* but DO NOT OVER INDULDGE think of how you've been doing this past week* You CAN DO THIS too and make it through without crossing the line*
Dig deep within and just think about how great you're gnna look in another month from all your hard work and self discipline* Keep up the great work, you're worth it* It's mind over matter* so Don't allow yourself to get tempted* I(eat before you go out) you wont be HUNGRY!~*
Have fun at the super bowl party:)) YOU CAN DO THIS CUZ YOU"RE WORTH IT!!!!

Go for a run or do an ab exercise workout before you go to the party. I find that after i work out, I feel extremely guilty eating junk, because then my workout went to complete waste! Also, eat lunch or dinner before going, and drink a couple of glasses of water, so you're not hungry. Snack on the fruit and veggie tray, and drink just water. Eat a little bit of junk, but only eat when you put stuff on a plate. And... focus on the game if you find yourself thinking about food!

drink 2 big glasses of water b4 the game and keep reminding yourself that you don't want to jiggle

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