Why don't stores sell sugar cubes? I'm not a horse, but things seem better cubed.?!

Question: Why don't stores sell sugar cubes? I'm not a horse, but things seem better cubed.?
Where can I buy them?


I live in Georgia and the grocery stores here do sell sugar cubes. I've seen them in all the major chains. They're usually located on the top shelf in boxes and cost more per pound than regular sugar. For some reason they're not in the sugar aisle, but in the baking aisle (which makes no sense, I haven't seen a single baking recipe that calls for sugar cubes). My grandmother used them in her coffee when I was a kid and I occasionally pick them up when I'm feeling nostalgic. You may have to ask a store employee to find them, but they are still available.

Have you actually looked for them? Because my store sells sugar cubes. They aren't right next to the sugar, they are tucked away in smaller boxes usually on the top shelf or, if your store has such a thing, a place where decorative sugars and candies and candles for cookies, cakes and candies are sold. You might also try looking near the coffee and better yet, near the tea.

The stores do sell sugar cubes. They are in the baking aisle usually, where all the different sugars are. C & H Sugar makes sugar cubes. They sell them in the Albertsons here in California.

morrisons asda and tesco do to my knowledge
where all the baking stuffs are

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