Foods for 3rd Birthday?!

Question: Foods for 3rd Birthday?
My son will be 3 and his theme is going to be sesame street. I want to do all kinds of snacks, food, and drinks to represent the sesame street characters but can't figure out what all to make.

I need something for -

Big Bird
Cookie Monster

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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you can make a big cookie and cut out shapes of the characters.
Try it oh and Happy Birthday.


u seem like a very caring mom for cookie monster u can do cookies with the monster on it on a cookie monster plate u can take a picture of him with Elmo and get someone to ice the picture on the cake u can get a CD burned with them singing the theme song also singing with Chris brown Elmo movies for them to watch a man in an Elmo suit that can come visit. big bird suit come visit and tell big bird to dance Oscar complaining of also Bernie complaining get the guy who is always in the trash can and grumpy that will be fun!!!!!!!!!!! break a leg soccer mom

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