Birthday party ideas?!

Question: Birthday party ideas?
My birthdays in April and I live in Canada so no beach or anything like that. I'm turning 17 and I'm a girl (duh). I'm trying not to go over fifty dollars and I probably won't have any more than 4 or 5 friends. Ideas?


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as a Canadian i find your i don't own a beaver thing funny, lol, anyways get some food, music, people and chill. i found having thrown a few party's, i learned that most people don't care about decorations and all that, they just want people to talk to, music and food. maybe throw in a game, like a dance off, or twister, or something. whenever i have a party, people just want to talk, dance, and eat, and listen to music. get some pizza, chips, cake, and pop.

if u have something to plug ipods into, have people bring there ipods.

Why dont you just watch a movie with them and i know this sounds a bit childish but have you thought about throwing a slumber party? It can be really fun if you guys put together a scavenger hunt too. Split up into teams and try to find the items on the list. Whichever team makes it back first gets first choice of what slice of cake they want or whatever else you can think of as a winning prize. Hope i helped:)


Ya Canada with a birthday, not fun *especially when you are in the middle of winter* Bowling is usually a fun thing to do. when you don't bring many friends its easy to do. and cheap.

Have a movie night, stay in the house, watch some chick-flicks, popcorn and pop, always fun(:

teen club party skiing ice skating small party


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