Unique 16th party ideas :D?!

Question: Unique 16th party ideas :D?
I'm 15 my birthday's in 3weeks.. I don't wanna have the usual thing.. dancing a cake and taking photos? A bit lame :( i want some ideas on what to do on my 16th b-day.. i'm a girl btw? I'm girlie i like movies n stuff.. Other than a bbq&a pool party =] could be with my best friends or with all of my friends.. I just want some suggestions! thanqq<3


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if you like movies, do a like a movie/hollywood theme that would work with all your Friends
if you wanted it to be just you and your best friends then you could go see a movie, then back at home, for a dinner

girl you need to tell your bff's to plan it all for you! tell them the basics of what you want and leave the rest to them!

get 2-3 girls to go with you to get mani-pedis, then get in your favorite dress that you've never worn before and heels, and go to the best restaurant in town, and feel like the prettiest girl in the room! then invite the rest of your crowd over to your or one of your friends house for desert/hangin/wii/xbox kinnect/music.. have fun snacks like chocolate fondu and yummy stuff to dip it in so it's an event in itself. or a bonfire with smores and all. even if it's cold, the fire will be warm! and its a good way to keep everyone out of the house so you don't have a big mess.

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