What's something good to make for party food?!

Question: What's something good to make for party food?
my friends having a party and i want to cook something for snacks.
there's going to be alcohol but i don't want to cook anything hot.
the theme is dress up - disney characters or famous people
help please


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You could make hummus and put it in a hollowed out bread bowl with sourdough bread cubes. You could do a cold shrimp platter with the dip on the bottom. Just spread cream cheese on the platter, then chili sauce, layer the shrimp neatly on it, and garnish with chives or cilantro.

Big basket of bread crisps, slice thin french roll on a angle, spray lightly with olive oil, toast in oven til golden brown. A platter of meat/cheese, or a good tomato, crushed garlic, chopped basil, olive oil, leave in refrigerator for 2 hours before serving....salsa/chips/fritos......Food Network has a ton of 'non-cook' appetizers if you need more ideas.....Have Fun!!!!!

Food Network.com

~shrimp cocktail
~chips & dips
~veggie & dip platter
~deviled eggs
~finger sandwiches (try using Disney cookie cutters)
~seafood salad
~tuna salad
~fruits salad
~cheese & cracker platter

Chicken mini peta's. Grilled chicken on half pitas with aciago or feta cheese with shreaded lamb or steak. And a lite creamsauce

Bomb *** party

A rice salad, with corn pieces, peas, tiny carrot shavings and baby prawns.

A home made coleslaw

tuna sweetcorn pasta

I once put dried cat food in bowls for people to try.
Some ate it and asked what the nice snacks were!


Hot wings.
Chips and dip.

Veggie, Fruit or Cheese tray would be good.

Guacamole!! fast and easy to make!

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